Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You

  Greetings everyone.
 First of all, I apologize for my unannounced hiatus. Now for today’s post.
  If you're a geek like me, chances are you probably celebrate a lot of holidays that most people don't. Such as Pie Day, Harry Potter's Birthday, Percy Jackson's Birthday, The Day the Hunger Games was Released in Theaters Day, the Anniversary of the First Time You Watched Doctor Who, Leif Patrick Ericson Day, Opposite Day, Popcorn Day, Ground Hog Day, and many more that no one that you've ever met seems to care about. 
   Despite that, nerds, geeks, fans, and just plain weird people make huge celebrations of these holidays every year by dressing up in uncomfortable costumes, shouting out spells in public, buying a 32 dollar pie, defeating Daleks, and stealing a groundhog from the local zoo. And each year, without fail, your co-workers will stare, your friends will un-friend you on Facebook, and your family deny that you are related to them.
  Now, to most people this seems like a good way to become depressed in a short amount of time and loose a maximum amount of friends. But what these non-fans don't realize is that these holidays are an important part of our life that we just cannot give up. They make take us farther away from our co-workers, but they bring us closer to other groups of people with common interests, and forge friendships stronger than iron that last longer than time itself.  We use these opportunities to create podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, t-shirts, conventions, and pure awesomeness. They inspire the child inside of us to once again be enthusiastic about things and rediscover the simple wonder and joy of a book/TV show/movie franchise/set of vlogs that helped shape our lives in numerous ways.
  These holidays are not just an excuse to sit in front of our computer screen and post on twitter instead of getting work done. They are an excuse to let the inner geek shine out of us and bond us to people we'd never meet otherwise.
   So don't be afraid to go out and act like a total idiot in public celebrating these made up holidays and don't be afraid to be a nerd.
  May the Fourth be with you on this very happy Stars Day and stay geeky.