Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy (belated) Pi Day!

  Happy Mathematical and Food-like Pi day!
  Today is the day when nerds from all over the world congregate and celebrate the magical nerd number that the geometrical world seems to revolve around! ( That really didn't make sense but it makes me sound smart, so...)
  In honor of  this Day of Extreme Math Nerdiness with Regular Nerdyness (which is the correct way to spell the state of being of being a nerd? I'll never know...) here are some Pi related things to go check out.

 First, a stupidly ridiculous song I made up about Pi.

  Yes, I'm that much of a geek.

Happy happy Pi Day, may all your dreams come true!
I wish I brought some pie with me so you could taste it too
Happy happy Pi Day, we all know it's the best
to celebrate this holiday we'll have a Pi/pie fest--er, uh... Festival? But that doesn't rhyme.....

(And I don't know why the font is blue either... I guess I'm just having one of those weird days...)

   And next, since no holiday can be perfect, here is a video about the wrongness of Pi. Ha ha ha, I am such a negative person..... Sigh.

          Okay, so now that you've wasted all this time learning aobut a holiday that has probably already ended, since most of you won't read this until the 15---
  Oh forget it. Just go get some pie and leave a dozen comments under this blog about the ways you celebrate Pi day, and the correct way to spell "Nerdieness" Then get some more pie. And bring me a slice too.....

Oh, and I don't own the video.

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  1. I thought my friends and I were the only ones who celebrated this. BTW, have I seen you on Gail Carson Levine's blog?