Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Round Up: Early Edition

Since I will be missing most of the weekend, here's this weeks Weekly Round Up.

 Okay, I know I just broke a bunch of Internet grammar rules, but COME ON! Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters finally has a trailer! Unfortunately, the only way to see it in high quality is if you're willing to cough up ten bucks for a movie ticket to see The Host, but it might be worth it!
  I managed to find one single video on the web, and it's not high quality, but it's still awesome. Check it out!

Is Nathan Fillion great or what? But no matter how great he is, if he doesn't make a few Firefly references in PJO, then I will...uh.... do nothing, but get very upset....I guess......

2.) In other trailer news, Cassandra Clare, author of The Moral Instruments and Infernal Devices books has released stills of the new theatrical trailer which will debut on April 1st. (That better not be a prank...) Anyway, for the full story Click here!

3.) Well, this isn't really "news" but it's still pretty cool.
  The Hunger Games Fireside Chat has released "100 Things to Do Before 'Catching Fire'" video, which is both creative and funny. Go check it out!

And that's it for the week!
  May the odds be ever in your favor, the Force with you, your sword ever sharp (or what ever Christopher Paolini uses to sign off) your wand held high, and your life awesome, good bye for now.


  1. They're making a sequel? It will be interesting to see how they tie things together without the Titans. If only they hadn't butchered the first one.

  2. At least they're making some sort of attempt at fixing the movie. Annabeth's hair is actually blond in this one! I just hope Thalia is at the end of it...