Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Few Good TV Shows

    Okay, so you've just read the best book of your life and already stated having symptoms of book hangover. However, there are no other good books available at your disposal, and you're beginning to go a little crazy. So of course, you turn on your computer, log onto Netflix instant and--
   Silence. Because you've just realized that no amount of TV is going to take the place of a good book, or speed up the wait until the next great book comes out. There is no Harry Potter TV show. The Hunger Games is fictional. Delirium's TV show won't be out for months. You start to panic.  
   The next thing you know, you're curled up on the floor, sucking your thumb and cursing the world's TV overlords for not inventing something to help. You're about to scream.
  Thankfully, all is not lost!
  Although a TV show can never truly take the place of a good book, here is a list of awesome shows that will help you through your book hangover rough patch, or simply waste an afternoon! Who knows, maybe you'll be sucked into a few TV related fandoms along the way as well.
1.) Firefly. I can't emphasis this TV show enough. In a nutshell it's a western dystopia in space, but crack open the nut and it's much more. The characters leap off the screen. The dialogue is genius. The settings seem so natural you won't believe they're not real. So watch it. PG-13.

2.) Dollhouse. It's a pretty complicated show, but another work of art created by the supreme ruler of all nerds and geeks--Joss Whedon. Therefore, it is good. Dystopian fans will really like this, especially if you enjoy things like "Divergent," "Matched," and "Delirium" but are a little sick of all the romance. PG-13.

3.) Teen Wolf. Many will pass this off as just a goofy Glee or Vampire Diaries spin off, but it’s less about the romance and more about the mythology. The characters break all stereotypes. There is action to spare. Of course, there is plenty of romance, but it's not as goofy as Glee, and the primary focus of the series isn't just on the main characters love life. It's about werewolves. And it rocks.
  Fans of "Wolves of Mercy Falls," "Delirium," and even "Percy Jackson" will enjoy this. Don't remember if its PG or PG-13, but it's usually appropriate if you have younger ones around. At least, most of the episodes are...

4.) Supernatural. This is all about monster hunting, ghost chasing, and sibling rivalry. There are guns, awesome cars, funny dialogue, (and after a few seasons) Angels and Demons. If you want something action packed and love interesting ghosts and monsters, watch this now!
Not sure what the rating is, but most episodes are probably PG-13ish. Some scenes are worse than others by far.

5.) Doctor Who. This needs no explanation.

6.) Once Upon a Time. It's a great fairytale meets reality show, but not in the same way "Enchanted" was. The actors are brilliant too.

7.) Sherlock. This is probably the best show currently on TV, and it is unexplainable. Watch it and wait for your mind to be blown. TV-14, because it can be a little dark...

8.) Arrested Development. Definitely TV-14, but totally hilarious. You will never laugh as much at a show than you will at Arrested Development. It's a true cult show, and it's so good, you'll thank me for the rest of your life. Plus, Netflix is ordering another season! Double awesome.

9.) Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog. And everything else by Joss Whedon.

   I realize there are about a dozen more great shows out there for people looking for awesome entertainment, but that's all for now. So get off this blog and start browsing Netflix!

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