Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Trailer Time!

First, a moment of silence for those in Boston today. Our prayers are with them.


  If you're a huge Hunger Games fan, you've probably seen the new Catching Fire trailer five billion times, right? And after watching all that, you're probably having a hard time breathing and sorting through all your awe-filled thoughts. 
  I'm going to make things a little more difficult for you and add my own thoughts, just because I'm cruel.

 The first thing I noticed is that the brilliant advertising team at Lionsgate is reusing their past strategy and keeping all the arena scenes hidden and unmentioned. There are hints about it throughout the trailer, for example, President Snow saying,”there whole species needs to be eradicated," and such, but we see neither head nor trident of Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, or even brave little Beetee. 
    Most fans will probably agree that this marketing strategy is pure genius. Instead of focusing on Katniss going back into eh Hunger Games, the trailer focuses on the rebellion, leading movie goers to realize this is not just a cheap repeat of the first film, and that if they spend their money on a ticket, it will be to watch something new, exciting, and different. Once again, Lionsgate, genius.
  The next thing I noticed is that Katniss acts a lot younger in this film, but in a good way. There were times, while watching The Hunger Games, when I felt Katniss acted or looked a little to mature to pass off for a sixteen year old. Of course, this might just be all in my head, since each time I see Katniss my brain screams out "Hey, there's that twenty two year old Jennifer Lawrence on screen!" 
   Even without my brains nasty tendency to shout out annoying things in the middle of movies, Katniss does indeed seem more like a desperate sixteen year old, just wanting to "save her skin" as Snow put it. Her voice is so helpless and scared in the scene with Haymitch in the D11 attic and her face is so frightened, every image of the confident and cool J-Law that I'm familiar with vanishes in a whiff of smoke. Or should I say, "Vanishes as it quickly catches fire." Ha ha ha, that was a lame joke.
  And then there's Peeta. His face is full of shock after he sees the D11 man get shot. Like, really shocked. If Beetee had wrapped his coil around him, let the lightening strike him, then burnt a perfectly good piece of bread for no reason, Peeta couldn't have looked more shocked.
  Poor Peeta. 

Next, of course, are the costumes. Effie seems to be wearing a grey mouse ears type wig before entering Snow's huge party, and Katniss dress seems to qualify as a lethal weapon. Look at all those spike feathers! Peeta, like usual, is wearing a classy suit type thing. There's probably a more accurate term, but I don't know it. Leave a comment explaining exactly what he's wearing, if you can.
  Also, Caesar’s hair is pink. Like a boss.

   Next, how dare they burn up the Hob! Then there's Gale, who, despite what the book says, is still conscious. Poor poor poor Gale. It looks so painful I cried. And ugh, that did not look like a gentle slap, Katniss. Put some snow on that--wait, where's the snow?

Okay, if I stay on here much longer, I'll just start crying again, so I’ll sign off.
  May the odds be ever in your favor.

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