Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Unread Book Series

   I may be jumping the gun a little by posting this, considering I've only read 3 of the 5 published books in the series, which still isn't concluded, but I just had to post this.
  If you need a good, non-cliché, original, non-romantic, action packed fantasy novel, the "Eli Monpress" series should be at the top of your To-Read list. Not only is this book a fresh take on just about everything, but it combines some of the greatest elements of writing all in one series. It has comedy, plenty of action, extremely loveable and imaginative characters, and a new kind of plot.
  The series focuses on Eli Monpress, a thief who's lifelong ambition has been to push his bounty past a million. To accomplish this, he sets up extravagant thieveries each more daring than the rest, and he gets away every time.
  Well, almost. See, his bounty has captured the attention of quite a few bounty hunters, each wanting a piece of his bounty. It also captured the attention of The Spirit Court, who sends a young spiritualist named Miranda along with her ghost hound to protect a national treasure from Eli. In this story, a spiritualist is a wizard who is able to communicate with spirits, like moss or fire and stuff. If I try to explain it much further, it sounds weird, but just like in the case of Artemis Fowl, it's totally not.
  Along the way, Eli's helpers, a superb swordsman named Josef, and a demonseed (read the book to find out what that is!) named Nico, help him along, get into trouble and despite being secondary characters, actually have interesting character arcs.
  Okay, so that's the positive stuff. Here's what was kind of off-putting for me.

         1.) Personally, it took a while to get into it. Just like with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Hunger Games, and even Harry Potter, I was hesitant at first before getting sucked in. The first half of the book (and the very end) was a little bit slow at least in the first book, but the rest is pure gold.

     2.) There seems to be a lot of villains. But hey, isn't that a good thing?
   3.) Eli is so awesome your head may explode. And he only gets better as the series goes on.
But after you get past those, the books are awesome.
Read. Them. Now.


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